The purpose of the Christian Experience Weekend (CEW) is to strengthen and enrich your relationship with God. A special time and place, away from the busy routine of daily living are provided where a true Christian community will develop in a variety of ways.

The Christian Experience Weekend is not a retreat consisting of strict silence and meditation. It is rather a shared Christian experience that grew out of the realization that the Christian life has to be experienced before it can be properly appreciated.

The weekend is intended for any person who wants to grow in their relationship with Christ and others; the person who is looking for more out of life – the “fullness of life” and joy that Jesus came to bring us. The first weekend is for women only. The second weekend is for men only.

A team of lay people, Priests, and Spiritual Directors conduct the weekend, which includes: talks and discussions, prayer services and Masses, and also time for reflection, good food and fun.

Womens’ CEW will be February 5-7, 2021

Mens’ CEW will be February 19-21, 2021.