Liturgy & Ministry

Your support for Our Lady of Lourdes through ministry is critical to the church and one of the four pillars of Stewardship. 

  1. Hospitality: Open yourself to hospitality and extend it to others.
  2. Prayer:  Encourage communal and personal prayer.
  3. Faith Formation:  Understand and adopt stewardship as a way of life.
  4. Service:  Use your talents and gifts.

There are many ways to share your gifts in ministry here at Our Lady of Lourdes.  Click here to download the latest version of our ministry booklet

Every weekend scores of ministers give their time and talent to help us encounter Jesus in the Mass.  If you’re interested in joining the Hospitality Team, becoming a Lector, an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, Altar Serving or serving in our Music Ministry there are several opportunities to grow your faith at Lourdes. We hope you prayerfully consider one of the following ministries:


Those who lector exercise a genuine liturgical function as they proclaim the Word of God in both the Old Testament Readings and the New Testament Readings. They are fellow Christians whose lives are changing because of their prayerful preparation and concern for proclaiming the Word of God. They proclaim the Word so that all may hear and respond to the presence of Christ and make God alive for the people gathered to worship as a community. Training is available for all lectors. Call the rectory at 563-359-0345 if you are interested in participating in this ministry.

Extraordinary Minister

An Extraordinary Minister is a person of faith who serves the church by distributing Holy Communion to the faithful at Mass or to the homebound. The minister will grow in relationship with Jesus through prayer and the reading of sacred scripture. For more information or training call the rectory at 563-359-0345.

Altar Serving

An Altar Server is a lay assistant (usually 5th-12th grade) to the Priest and Deacon at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. An Altar Server performs these actions during the liturgy: Leads the Processional with the Cross, present the Sacramentary (Missal) for the Collect & Post Communion Prayer, present the candles during the Gospel, assist with Offertory & Communion, ring the bells at the Consecration, PRAY the Mass with piety and reverence.

Click the buttons below for requirements, to complete the training and signup form.

Please email Andy Katherman at with questions.

Music Ministry

There are many opportunties to share the gifts of music. If you are interested in being a cantor, organist, accompanist or sing in the choir these are all great ways to grown your relationship with Jesus through song.

If you want to join the choir the group sings at the Sunday 8:00 a.m. Mass and practices on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m.

Contemporary Ensemble

The Contemporary Ensemble is TBD at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Hospitality Team/Ushers

Our Hospitality Team is on hand to welcome everyone to our weekend Masses. Holding doors, helping people find a seat, taking up the collection, and being available to answer questions are just a few of the ways team members serve.

Please fill out the form below and select a specific ministry that is calling you.