Annual Diocesan Appeal 2022-2023: So Faith May Flourish.

June 12, 2023

Thank you to all of the generous parishioners who have already supported the 2022-2023 Annual Diocesan Appeal (ADA).

Our goal this year is $136,495.00 and there has been $131,827.00 pledged (96.58% of our goal).

As we continue to reach this goal the following offers details on what the ADA supports:

What does the Annual Diocesan Appeal (ADA) cover?
The Annual Diocesan Appeal is the major source of income for the Diocese of
The Diocese of Davenport is the administrative headquarters for the 74 parishes
and 18 Catholic schools in the 22-county area.
Priests and Deacons: The ADA covers some of the expense for priestly
and deacon formation, the ongoing education opportunities for these
men when serving in parishes, as well as assisting priests with other
Confirmations: The ADA makes it possible for Bishop Zinkula to go to
parishes for Confirmation and other events.
Annulments: The Diocese of Davenport is one of the few dioceses in the
U.S. that covers the expense of annulments so that there is no financial
barrier to anyone seeking this process.
Ministerial Resources for Parishes: The ADA covers the administration
costs for many diocesan programs, such as, Catholic schools,
Stewardship, Social Action, Catholic Charities, Hispanic Ministry, Youth
Ministry and so much more.
Parish Financial Reviews: The Finance office assists parishes with
financial reviews, human resources and annual parish Corporation
meetings. The Development office assist parishes in Capital Campaigns.
Archives: The Chancery houses and maintains the sacramental records
and other important parish records for each parish.
• Expenses covered by the ADA include salaries for all diocesan employees
including the bishop, all directors and their staff.

Why should I give to the Annual Diocesan Appeal?
The Annual Diocesan Appeal is the major source of funding for diocesan
ministries and offices. It is only with the support given to the ADA that these
ministries are able to exist and flourish.

Please prayerfully consider supporting the ADA. Please make checks payable to the Diocese of Daveport. Your donations are a gift that keeps on giving.