One Faith – One Family – One Future

Capital Campaign and School Project Leaders Meet to Share Plans and Progress 

January 20, 2023
As many are aware, Our Lady of Lourdes and St. John Vianney
are in the early stages of our One Faith – One Family – One
Future Capital Campaign to fund the construction of a new
Catholic school in northeast Bettendorf.

This past week, Capital Campaign General Co-Chairs, Andrea Sue and Brad Boeye (OLOL) and Nick and Jessica Palczynski (SJV), met with the project’s steering committee, the pastors, the Steier Group team, and project architect Mark Miller. This was the first opportunity for campaign and project leadership to be mutually introduced. It was also an opportunity to introduce Daryl Schloz (SJV), who is teaming with OLOL parishioner and steering committee member, Mike Johnson (OLOL), to oversee the construction process. (Mike was unable to attend the meeting).

The Boeyes and Palczynskis expressed their enthusiasm for the vision and their progress with assembling a strong volunteer team to reach out to parish families in the campaign. Daryl outlined steps for moving the project forward in a timely manner and how he saw his and Mike’s shared role. Architect Mark Miller shared his design revisions to the plan, and the Steier Group team shared what information was still needed to keep campaign preparation on track. All in all, the meeting was another great example of our two parishes successfully working and walking together toward a shared vision.

This is an exciting time for our two parishes as we combine our shared expertise, faith and resources to build our future together. Please continue to pray for our leaders and for all who are working diligently on our project and campaign.