Dear Lourdes Families,

Happy Monday! I want to let you know that I am continuing to stay informed on the pandemic protocols by assessing information every week from the CDC, Scott County Health Department, Iowa Department of Public Health, and the Diocese of Davenport. Recently, the CDC has stated that fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks in most outdoor situations. CDC has provided an easy chart of indoor and outdoor activities for reference. However, I wanted to confirm for you that at Lourdes we are going to continue to require that students (and staff) wear masks through the end of this school year, including during recess and P.E., whenever they are not able to socially distance themselves from their peers. 

However, since the temperatures starting to rise, teachers will step up their encouragement (and requirement, in some cases) of students to take multiple mask breaks during or after recess and P.E., at a time when they have parked themselves away from others (to keep social distance) or are sitting by themselves at their desks away from peers. Additionally, teachers will increase their monitoring of the condition of students’ masks. Students will be asked to get a fresh mask when needed (such as when the student’s mask looks dirty or moist.) Please send 1 or 2 extra masks to school with your child, which he or she can keep in their homeroom, in their backpack, or in their locker (older students.) Thank you. 

Take a few minutes as a family to reflect upon and discuss this week’s scripture verse: “Jesus said to his disciples: As the Father loves me, so I also love you. Remain in my love. If you keep my commandments, you will remain in my love.” ~ John 15:9-10
Here are some events to remember this week:

Monday, May 3

9:00 AM Mass – Mrs. Burman’s & Mrs. Mesick’s homeroom

May Crowning ~ outside for students only

Tuesday, May 4

9:00 AM Mass – Mrs. Camarena’s & Mrs. Behnke’s homerooms

Wednesday, May 5

9:00 AM Mass – 5th-8th Group A (Group B livestream)

2:30 PM K-8 Early Dismissal

Thursday, May 6

9:00 AM Mass – Ms. Snyder’s & Mr. Jost’s homerooms

3:00 PM Student Council Pie Toss

Friday, May 7

NUT Day (Rules apply; see below)

9:00 AM Mass – Mrs. Holmes’ & Mrs. Little’s homerooms

1:30 PM Variety Show via Livestreamimage.png

Saturday, May 8

4:00-4:45 PM – Reconciliation available at OLOL

4:30 PM Saint John Vianney Mass

5:00 PM Our Lady of Lourdes Mass

Sunday, May 9

8:00 AM Our Lady of Lourdes Mass

8:30 AM St. John Vianney Mass

10:30 AM Our Lady of Lourdes Mass

11:00 AM St. John Vianney Mass

5:00 PM Our Lady of Lourdes Mass

Save the Dates:

May 10th ~ Starry Night Raffle Reward NUT Day (No Uniform Today)

May 27th ~ K-7th grade Field Day

Have a faith-filled week!