Dear Lourdes Families,

Welcome to a short week at Lourdes Catholic School! I want to thank all of the parents, grandparents, and teenage siblings who have greatly improved the safety of the parking lot during dismissal since last week. In case you missed it, we are strictly implementing additional safety measures at dismissal time in the afternoon. All cars parked in center spots should park ONLY with windshields facing south (toward the river). The driver should enter into the coned area/courtyard area – the SAFETY ZONE – to come and retrieve students. Even middle school students will NOT be allowed to leave the SAFETY ZONE to approach their ride in the parking lot. All vehicles should exit promptly driving ONLY FORWARD and NEVER IN REVERSE. Thank you for following these rules to keep our children safe.

We are beginning to plan for the next school year, so I have begun to calculate how many families will return for 2021-2022, and how many will not. If you have a student in Preschool-7th grade, please complete this form (if you haven’t already): 2021-2022 FormThank you for helping us to plan in advance.

In these difficult times, some of our K-8 families are likely having trouble making tuition payments. We don’t want you to suffer in silence if you are anxious about this. Tuition assistance is available in two ways:

If you already applied for MVSTO but did not get an award, or if the award you received was not quite enough, please download the Lourdes Anonymous Donor application and apply. Your information will be confidential. 

Our sister chapel in Peru (Our Lady of Reconciliation) needs our help to replenish their emergency fund. They will also use some of the money to help with their Christmas Outreach Program which provides essential items and small gifts to very needy families in the outlying community.  Your own little elves could do some chores around the house to earn money to donate to the “Penny Jars” which will be in each homeroom.  Thank you for your kindness and generosity. PENNIES FOR PERU Collection: Nov. 30th – Dec. 4th.  Any cash donation is greatly appreciated. 

Again, in the spirit of transparency, I wanted to let you know we learned on Friday that one of our 7th grade students (and one of the student’s parents) tested positive for Covid-19. The student was at school last Monday, but home Tuesday through Friday with symptoms and awaiting results. The parent believes the exposure happened at work, and was passed to the child in their home. It is very unlikely the student contracted Covid-19 at Lourdes. We identified only one close contact student at school from last Monday afternoon, another 7th grader, who had not developed symptoms, but whom we sent home around 11:15 on Friday to quarantine. 
Thank you for remaining diligent and continuing to monitor your social interactions, so that we can keep the absences at Lourdes among students and staff at a minimum. I am grateful for your commitment to our Lourdes family, and I know we all have the same shared goal of keeping our staff and students healthy and in school full time. As a reminder, you can access the Lourdes Return to Learn FAQ online anytime for the latest protocols and guidelines.

Please take a few minutes as a family to discuss and reflect upon this week’s scripture verse: Yet, O Lord, you are our father; we are the clay and you the potter: we are all the work of your hands. ~ Isaiah 64:7
Here are some events to remember this week:

Monday, Nov.23

9:00 AM Mass – Mrs. Mesick’s homeroom

No Preschool/PreK Classes, Parent/Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, Nov.24

9:00 AM Mass – Mrs. Behnke’s homeroom

No Preschool/PreK Classes, Parent/Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Nov.25


Thursday, Nov.26

NO SCHOOL ~ Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, Nov.27


Saturday, Nov.28

4:30PM Saint John Vianney Mass

5:00 PM Our Lady of Lourdes Mass

Sunday, Nov.29

8:00 AM Our Lady of Lourdes Mass

8:30 AM St. John Vianney Mass

10:30 AM Our Lady of Lourdes Mass

11:00 AM St. John Vianney Mass

5:00 PM Our Lady of Lourdes Mass

Upcoming Events (Save-the-Date):December 2nd ~ 2nd grade First Reconciliation

Have a faith-filled week!