Good Morning, LCS Parents! ☺
Our K-8 students have started school today! We are pleased that so far everything is going really smoothly. 
We began at 8:35 this morning with our Morning Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance. I dropped by a few classrooms before and after this to say hello and “Welcome back!” Overall, students seem happy to be back at school, among their teachers and their friends. 
Remember that we dismiss at 3:20 today. Please pick up your child(ren) by 3:30 (unless they are signed up to go to After School Care). 
Our Pick Up Procedure is in our handbook on page 31. Here is a link to the page: Pick Up Procedure Our Drop Off Procedure is also in our handbook, and you can find it here: Drop Off Procedure
Don’t forget that K-8 students dismiss at 2:30 on Wednesdays, and children not in After School Care need to be picked up by 2:40 on Wednesdays.
4-Year Old PreK students will start school on Monday, August 31! The PreK teachers will communicate PreK procedures for dropping off and picking up, so please make sure you watch your email for more information. ☺
Here are events to remember this week:
Monday, August 241st Day of school for K-8 students9:00 AM Mass – Mrs. Mesick’s homeroom
Tuesday, August 259:00 AM Mass – Mrs. Camarena’s homeroom
Wednesday, August 269:00 AM Mass – Mrs. Ashby’s homeroom (in-person); 6th-8th grades livestream2:30 PM K-8 Early Dismissal
Thursday, August 279:00 AM Mass – Mrs. Snyder’s homeroom
Friday, August 289:00 AM Mass – Mrs. Little’s homeroom
Saturday, August 295:00 PM Our Lady of Lourdes Mass
Sunday, August 308:00 AM Our Lady of Lourdes Mass10:30 AM Our Lady of Lourdes Mass11:00 AM St. John Vianney Mass5:00 PM Our Lady of Lourdes Mass
Have a faith-filled week! 🌈