The Lourdes Catholic School Robotics Program offers students the opportunity to get hands-on experience programming robots to solve problems. Students will use LEGO MINDStorm robots and a computer program that allows visual programming of the robots. Students can learn how to program the robots to accomplish tasks of varying complexity. 

Students in grades 5-8, with prior robotics experience, can participate in the fall Robotics session and will attend the FIRST LEGO League regional competition in December. Teams must solve a problem that requires research, creative thinking, teamwork, and robot programming skills. Teams typically meet once a week September-December.

Students in grades 4-7, who have not had experience with Robotics, can participate in the spring introductory Robotics session. During this session, students will learn the basics of programming a robot and the other factors that go into the competitive Robotics season. This session takes place just after spring break.