Girls K-4 Plaid jumper, skirt or culotte
Girls 5-8 Plaid skirt or culotte
Length = No shorter than 2 inches above the knee. 
No cut, torn, or ripped clothing.

Only acceptable plaid uniform suppliers:

  • Religious Supply Store
    1309 Jersey Ridge Rd
    Davenport, IA
  • Mother Goosebumps
    77 Seminary St
    Galesburg, IL
  • Please do not purchase the similar plaid at Lands End or other vendors.

Girls/Boys Pants:

Solid navy or tan dress pants*
Belts must be worn in grades 3-8, so dress pants need belt loops.
Hem pants to the top of the shoe.
*No jeans, cotton knits, stirrups, elastic at the ankle, cargo pants, carpenter pants, pajama pants, capri pants, etc.


Navy blue or tan dress shorts* (No more than 2″ above the knee, ideally should be hemmed just above the knee)
For NUT Day, shorts may be no more than 2″ above the knee.


Red, white or navy blue classic polo shirts or turtlenecks.
Middle School only can also wear light blue class polo shirts.
Classic polo shirts are full bodied, traditional long or short sleeve.
Turtlenecks are full bodied, traditional long sleeve.
Shirts should be tucked in on both girls and boys.
LCS logo is allowed.
Plain, white shirts may be worn under uniform shirts.
For NUT Day, shirts must have sleeves and shoulders must be covered.


Solid red, white or navy blue cardigans or pullover sweaters (no hoods)
Solid red, white, or navy blue sweatshirts (no hoods)
LCS logo is allowed.
Uniform shirt must be worn under sweater/sweatshirt.
Middle school sweatshirts may ONLY be worn by students in grades 6-8.
If wearing a hooded sweatshirt, the hood must remain down at all times.
Hooded sweatshirts may not be worn to Mass.


Solid red, white, navy blue, gray, or black ankle or knee socks.
Plain tights/leggings in red, white, black or navy blue (to be worn only under jumper or skirt)


Athletic shoes that tie or velcro are appropriate and recommended for everyday wear.
Shoes must tie or velcro.
No slip-on shoes (Vans, Toms, Hey Dudes, etc.)
No clogs, “Crocs”, sandals, jellies, moccasins, flip flops, open toed or open heeled shoes, dress shoes, or boots.
Boots are only allowed during recess.
Physical Education: Tennis shoes only with non-marking soles-must have shoelaces or velcro. If a student is not wearing tennis shoes for gym, he/she will sit out and may face an additional consequence at the discretion of the teacher.


Neat hairstyles – age appropriate/No elaborate coloring.
No partially shaved heads or lines cut into hair.
Boys: No ponytails


Boys: No earrings
Girls: Small earrings only, no dangling earrings
Girls/Boys: Small chain (one) may be worn by boys or girls


Boys: No nail polish, no makeup
Girls: No makeup
Boys/Girls: No temporary tattoos. No writing on one’s body.


LCS spirit wear and Assumption High School spirit wear may be worn EVERY FRIDAY! This means uniform bottoms (see guidelines above) + LCS or AHS spiritwear on top. All other dress code rules (makeup, jewelry, hairstyles, shoes, socks, etc.) apply.

N.U.T. Day:

N.U.T. Day stands for “No Uniform Today.” There are still guidelines to be followed on N.U.T. days. Students must still follow the sections above on: Shoes, Hairstyles, Jewelry, and Makeup. Shirts must have sleeves and cover shoulders. Non-dress pants are allowed with the following guidelines for Shorts (no more than 2″ above knee, nothing torn or ripped) and Pants (no pajama pants, nothing torn or ripped).