Lourdes Catholic School recommends all families volunteer at least 10 hours per school year. This commitment is needed to help the school with all of its needs that can’t be fulfilled by regular teachers and staff.  It is also needed to promote community and develop relationships between parents, students, teachers, and staff. 

Volunteers can help support teachers in the classroom, plan fundraisers for the school, give our children memorable experiences through extracurricular activities, and do various behind the scenes activities. Volunteering engages families in our school and builds a sense of community. See below sign-up geniuses for volunteer opportunities.  These sign-up geniuses will be monitored by the H&S Volunteer Coordinators, Lourdes Administrators, Teachers, and Staff.

Based on recommendations from the Lourdes Catholic School strategic planning session in the summer of 2016 the Lourdes Catholic School Home & School Organization and Board of Education have created the 10-hour service guidelines on volunteering.  The expectations will be per family. The hours should be divided between parents in separated families with a reduction for single-parent families.  Each family has unique situations and will need to consider what they can do. Some families will be able to meet and exceed these recommendations and others with not have the ability to give more than a few hours. If each family does what they can, our school will continue to be able to fulfill our mission of Excellence Rooted in Faith. 

For information on how to volunteer, please refer to this document.

If you’re interesting in finding out what volunteer opportunities are available, click here to see where you can help.

Thank you for supporting LCS!!!

October Volunteer Opportunities:

Fall Conferences and Donuts with Dads

Lunchroom and Recess Volunteers:

Volunteer opportunities available Monday through Friday 11:20-12:30 PM.

Younger siblings are welcome to attend!  Please click on the following links for more details and to sign-up:


NOTE:  If you sign-up and then are unable to attend for any reason, there is no need to find an additional volunteer, but please contact the front office.

For any questions regarding volunteering for Lunch Room Duty, please contact Jilly Tandy and Maria Stopulos.

Starry Night Fundraiser Volunteers

The Starry Night Committee is in need of volunteers to help make this year’s fundraiser another successful event!  Volunteers are needed to assist in gathering donations, organizing classroom art projects to be auctioned at the event, and various other items. 

What is Starry Night you ask? Starry Night is Lourdes Catholic Schools main fundraising event that helps raise money to purchase items for our classrooms, additions to our facilities, learning resources, and various other items for our school. 

Interested? Have more questions? Please reach out to the Starry Night Committee at LcsStarryNight@gmail.com

Library Volunteers:

Volunteer opportunities available Monday -Thursday every week throughout the year (times vary by classroom). 

If you are a current LCS Library Volunteer, please click on the following link to sign-up/view available times:


If you have any questions, please contact Erin Emerle by email here.

Morning Greeters:

Volunteer opportunities are available 8:00–8:30 AM each morning throughout the school year.

Lourdes is looking for additional morning greeters from 8:00-8:30 AM to greet parents/students and assist younger students out of cars at drop-off throughout the school year.  This is such a great way to start your day! 

Please click on the following to sign-up to be a morning greeter. 


If you are not able to commit to one day per week, that is fine – we will welcome any additional help throughout the school year (once per month, once every two weeks, etc.).  

For any questions regarding volunteering for Morning Greeters, please contact Jill Tandy or Maria Stopulos.